Nick Young Backs Up Iggy In Snoop Dogg Beef

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Swaggy P has stepped into the Snoop Dogg/ Iggy Azalea drama and defending his lady.

The past two days have been a back and fourth between Iggy and Snoop Dogg and it looks like the Doggfather has taken it too far. Snoop apparently crossed into the point of no return when he posted a video to Instagram saying “Say b*tch, you f*ckin with the wrong n*gga and your n*gga better check you before I do … You funky b*tch. Yeah you. F*ckin c*nt.”

This obviously pushed Iggy’s boyfriend and Laker star, Nick Young, over the edge. Nick took to Twitter on Wednesday and defended his girlfriend by going in on Snoop claiming that he was going through a “midlife crisis.”

Click on the arrows below to see what Nick has to say about Snoop.

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