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Michael Costello Racist? Beyonce Fans Ask Her To Severe Ties With Designer!



Let’s be honest, Michael Costello has dressed almost every Black beauty from Beyonce to Tamar Braxton, but now the highly sought after designer is in some hot water because he allegedly called one of his Instagram commenters a “ni**er”.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Up and coming fashion designer Maxine James took to IG to air her grievances with Costello and his team. Apparently, he purchased a dress from her but then he posted it on his on Instagram page with no credit to her.

When I received pymt from @mtcostello @michaelcostello a week ago I was lost for words… excited but a TAD confused … I called wubs like “wow my favorite designer just purchased a dress from me wow he wants a dress from little ol me?! Like this man makes dresses for freakin BEYONCE and he just bought a dress from me!” a week later This happens he literally bought my EXACT dress … Put it on HIS model took pictures in HIS showroom as if he designed this piece his self it’s so disheartening I couldn’t help but shed a tear… Him as a designer should know first hand how heart breaking it is for ppl to take something you worked so hard on …..It’s like why? Who does that? I mean we ALL get inspired from some where but it is completely unfair to take someone’s EXACT design and EXACT dress at that and claim it as your own…. @michaelcostello You are already a well known designer you design dresses for TOP celebrities… Why would you do something so low? I put so much into my brand … I eat sleep breath it… I paid for so many mistakes while making this design I went through so much to make it perfect …for it to fit perfectly… patterns..grading …cut… Production …photo shoots ALL OF THAT and you literally take my EXACT DRESS and claim it as your own … I tried to reach out to you and you block me ? Like seriously … It’s extremely disheartening I TRUELY did look up to you as a designer…you were one of my favorites….I hope this lasts you for a life time … because God will never continue to bless someone who does evil malicious things like this…. Period

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  1. LadyLee

    October 20, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    Well now, she schooled him.

  2. anw4dc

    April 9, 2016 at 12:44 AM

    The dress is ugly and slutty anyway to be honest and you both are coming to the court of public opinion with dirty hands. #Be #Orginal

  3. anw4dc

    April 9, 2016 at 12:46 AM

    Anyway…. to be honest and you both are coming to the “court of public opinion” with dirty hands and copycatting ways. #Be #Orginal

  4. anw4dc

    April 9, 2016 at 12:47 AM

    Anyway…. to be honest, you both come to the “court of public opinion” with dirty hands and copycatting ways. You just need to move on-It’s not worth it. #Be #Orginal

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