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Laverene Cox Opens Up About Buying Her First Dress



Before becoming an icon in the transgender community and before landing her revolutionary role on Orange Is The New Black, actress Laverne Cox had some “tansgender milestones” to overcome. One of these milestones being the quest to find her own fashion and style.

In a recent interview with MTV to promote her documentary, Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word Cox opens up about her style evolution and buying her first dress. “I was terrified of wearing a dress because my third grade teacher Ms. Ridgeway said I would end up in New Orleans wearing a dress,” she stated. “Even though I needed to express my femininity for years, I didn’t wear dress, … The very first dress I wore, I believe, the first one I remember I got in Indiana, when I was in Indiana University, and it was silver lamé and it was long sleeved and I got it from [a thrift store], there was amazing thrift at the time in Bloomington, Indiana,” she told MTV. “I think I had a fake I.D. and wore it to the local gay bar.”

The Emmy Award winning actress also opens up about buying heels for the first time. “I didn’t wear heels for a long time because I just didn’t find them comfortable and I still don’t really,” Laverne said with a smile on her face. “I found this pair of platform, like really chunky platform shoes from the Salvation Army, that I wore to death. So, I probably wore them, I’m not going to tell you the club, because if I tell you the club I will date myself.”

Laverne’s documentary, Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, airs tonight(10/17) on MTV and follows the trails and tribulations of transgender youth living in America.

Click on the arrow below to watch  what else Cox has to say about her style journey including the story about her first weave.

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