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Juicy J Is Being Sued For “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Video



Juicy J might want to start thinking about saving those “bandz” that make women dance to pay off a lawsuit that was just filed against him for copyright infringement tied to his “Bandz A Make Her Dance” music video.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the Three 6 Mafia rapper by Mahad Dar and Creative Dream Productions, the creators of the music video, who are seeking an injunction against Juciy from selling “Bandz A Make Her Dance.” According to The Jasmine Brand, who broke the story, the people behind the lawsuit want to directly receive all of the profit made from the song and the music video.

Juicy J reportedly contacted Creative Dream Productions to make the video which they were told would feature Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. The company accepted the job and secured locations for the shoot but were then told that Lil Wayne would not be showing up. They were forced to cancel the locations, but as soon as they did Lil Wayne’s people called back stating that he would in fact show up forcing them to start all over and loose one of their primary locations because of scheduling.

The principle photographer, Mahad Dar also has problems with Juicy. According to him, a deal was never made with Colombia Records as to how much he would be paid and they released the video before coming to an agreement with him. With the success of the video and song, he wants to be paid and is seeking to receive all profits made from the song and video.

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