Jagged Edge Kicked Out Of Jermaine Dupri’s Birthday Bash

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Jagged Edge was kicked out of Jermaine Dupri’s big birthday bash on Monday night because they refused to take off their baseball caps.

Considering JE and Dupri are basically family, the group probably assumed any dress attire would be ok, but not up in here … Not up in here.

According to a message written on Dupri’s Instagram page, the situation got so intense, police got involved.

“So I got all dressed up,brought all my people out @howuseeit @roycerizzy @dondrianicole @ateam628 @bryan_m_cox @reallilscrappy and security at the GoldRoom told jagged edge they had to leave if they didn’t take they hats off,then they had the police come and put my peoples out and f*cked up the whole night,as far as I’m concerned that’s the most disrespectful shit you can do @agentertainment to people that put on for the city,” he ranted.

Although the group got booted, they were able to snap this picture with Dupri before their night came to an end.

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