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Halle Berry Wants To Curtail Child Support Obligations To Gabriel Aubry



Halle Berry wants to heavily minimize the amount of child support her baby’s daddy, Gabriel Aubry is receiving because he isn’t working.

According to TMZ, Berry, who has been shelling out whopping $16K a month to her daughter Nahla’s father, now wants a judge to reduce her child support obligation to just a little over $3,000 a month.

According to legal documents filed by the Extant star, Berry claims that the Canadian model has stopped working and has been living off of the child support income. Berry states that her ex is perfectly capable of getting a job … And given his looks, we concur. Per the news outlet, the actress claims that “by reducing the support it will allow 6-year-old Nahla to live a comfortable life … supplemented by his income.”

The former couple currently has joint custody of their daughter.



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  1. guest

    October 16, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    Halle berry is ko ko nuts; even Federline not working and received over 30 thousand per mo from britatnay spears; even misa brim puff diddy baby mommy receives é& thousand just for her son, , if nahla wants to live a comfortable lifestyle 3000 per mo will not do it, halle must realise that she opened her legs and got pregnant so now she has to pay just like any other mel gibson or tom cruse, there are so many examples of this pay stage, halle has a loose screw, its not about wether he works or not its about the life style that must be maintained to met also halles child by her father who halle knew was not rich when halle pressured gabriel into having a baby with her halle is a stupid fool witch is just gonna have to pay like every one else,, its the law and the judge has already decided already seen every ones pay scale and rate, Halle berrys relationship with olivier martinez is over so no halle has to pay olivier in due time to well that is the price one pays when the woman tricks the man into having a baby or gets pregnant when the man told her he does not really want kids, olivier was sure supprised halle was not halle berry is just a liar she was trying to get pregnant all the while knowing olivier was not into it i just bet

  2. Lol

    October 22, 2014 at 11:34 AM

    Pressured to get Hallie Berry pregnant?….lol I’m sure it was hard for her to find a man willing to do such a thing

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