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Exclusive: K. Michelle Clears The Air About Beef With Elle Varner



K. Michelle is claiming that she has no bad blood toward Elle Varner.

HipHollywood caught up with K. at the ASCAP: Women Behind The Music event in Hollywood on Tuesday night and she opened up about her relationship and feelings toward the “F*ck It All” singer.

“She’s my sister, you know what I’m saying, we get into it, sisters get into it, you forgive, you get over things,” she stated. “When it comes to Elle, I think she is a creative soul and anybody that bears there soul through music and anything, we’re always going to have a connection.”

Michelle told Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club last month that her relationship with the Varner began to fall apart after Elle started to copy her singing style. “I’m the only b*tch yodeling in these hooks and stuff. You can’t do this,” Michelle commented on Varner’s song “Cold Case.” “She went and put it [Cold Case] out, management told me they didn’t like the record, and they wasn’t gon’ put it out. Next thing I look up, she’s singing it.” She later continued about the song, saying that she switched her management team because of their choice to pick Elle over herself on the song. “It was handled improperly,” she told the radio show. “For you to say I can’t sing certain type of records because it’s not time and they’re too big for me, I don’t think that’s appropriate, but then she [Varner] can put out the same identical record because that’s your curly-haired good girl, and you want me to be the broken-hearted bitter Betty black girl singing in the hole in the walls forever?”

Varner’s latest video, “F*ck It All” takes a look into her darker side and K. Michelle tells HipHollywood this time around she loves it. “Amazing video, you give props where props is due,” she stated.

Watch the video below to find out what else Michelle had to say about Elle Varner’s music and her latest music video, “F*ck It All.”

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What ‘Geostorm’s’ Gerard Butler & Abbie Cornish Wish They Could Control Via Satellite



One of the many taglines for the new drama, Geostorm, is simply: “Some things weren’t meant to be controlled.”

The film follows a team comprised of world leaders that have one goal in mind: to save the world from natural disasters with the creation of Dutch Boy, a series of satellite grids that control weather and natural disasters around the world.

And while the movie is flooded with action and stellar performances, the film ironically rivals recent natural disasters and crises around the world, and welcomes a bigger conversation. “That’s the genus behind the movie,” the film’s star, Gerard Butler, told HipHollywood. “But nobody knew how acutely it was going to be happening when the movie came out.”

He added, “It’s fun, it’s epic, it’s exciting, but at its core, it’s like, listen, ‘We gotta be careful. We gotta be really careful.”

Co-star Jim Sturgess added. “There is this sort of backbone, a message about climate change, and you kind of hope that audience members leave with that somewhere in the consciousness.”

With the idea, however, that a large unit could control the world’s natural weather patterns, imagine if the same could apply for people’s personal lives.

So when HipHollywood sat down with the cast of the film, we asked: If you could have a grid of satellites over your personal life, what would it control?

For Abbie Cornish, she “wouldn’t mind a satellite that could bring all the local organic seasonal fruits and vegetables to my house ” or “a satellite to drop down fresh flowers.” Jim Sturgess suggested he would love help with “being late for things.”

But it was Butler who suggested “integration.”

He explained, “As opposed to having different satellites and saying, ‘Here’s one for my personal life, here’s one for my relationships, here’s one for my career; I’d rather just have one big satellite, combine them all together, and just shine a whole bunch of positive inspirational light on me as a whole.”

Geostorm hits theaters on Friday, October 20.

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