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Exclusive: Iggy Azalea’s “Husband” Hefe Wine Calls The Rapper A “Beautiful Liar”



The ex-boyfriend of Iggy Azalea, who also claims to be the rapper’s partner in a sex tape, is calling out the super star in a new song titled, “Beautiful Liar.”

Hefe Wine sent HipHollywood the link to the video, telling us that the song “explains it all.”  In the track, Hefe raps about being in a relationship with Iggy, furthermore, how they are MARRIED.

“Baby I fought, I know I chose this route but I never thought you’d be a beautiful liar,” you hear in the hook. “How can you trust them with a secret when you know they snitch … Your PR team manipulating dreams, Lying to the public, making it seem like I’m trying to scheme.”

“I’m a game of strength, you my wife and I still remain.” He continues rapping, “I put you in the game … Said I was a g when you met me and you was 18+ when you met me tell the truth.”

Hefe also confirmed to HipHollywood that he has sense filed to end his “common law marriage” to Azalea. Under common law marriage in Texas, a couple must agree to be married, live together for a length of time and tell people that they are married. Per Wine, he and Iggy started living together in September 2008 until last year.

Per the divorce documents, obtained by the news outlet, Hefe is asking the judge to “prohibit” the “Black Widow” rapper from “selling” assets they gathered during their union.

But according to Iggy, she is NOT married to her ex. The star denied reports via Twitter, writing:

 “I think we already all know, but just to clarify. I’m NOT married. Feel free to check the PUBLIC marriage records.”

Azalea is currently dating Lakers player, Nick Young.

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