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Dwyane Wade’s Special Birthday Message To Gabrielle Union



Dwyane Wade is wishing his beautiful wife a very happy birthday. Gabrielle Union is celebrating her 42nd birthday today (October 29) and in honor of the actress’ special day, the NBA player posted this sweet message on Instagram.

Happy birthday to this lady right here.. I love that you walk to the beat of your own drum. Keep living your life-your way. So from your family- zaire, davehon, Zion and me. We wanna say we love you and we got you!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.46.10 AM

Union also wrote a message on Instagram expressing how blessed she is to see another birthday.

Heyyyyy it’s my birthday… it’s my birthday… woke up feeling blessed… mainly because I simply woke the hell up. Nothing is promised in this life, not even your next breath. Love who you love,” she wrote. “Find your passion and let nothing or no one stop you. Let go of what no longer serves a purpose. Be ok saying no, no thanks or HELL naw… I learned saying no lowers your stress. Be up for an adventure. Take the road less traveled. When you’re wrong simply admit it, take responsibility and be accountable. Be so busy living the life of your dreams that there’s simply no time leftover for negativity, hostility, or gossip. Some wise women once said “it’s yo Thang owwwww do whatchu wanna do…” And they ain’t neva lie… #OneToGrowOn #42.”

It’s unclear what the duo has planned for her special day, but we are pretty sure it will consist of Union cheering on her husband during his first regular season game. The Heat is set to take on the Washington Wizards tonight in Miami.

Happy Birthday Gab.

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