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Did Christina Milian And Lil Wayne Call It Quits?



Christina Milian, who lied to all of our faces and denied she was dating Lil Wayne, is now single after breaking up with the rapper. Weezy, who has been creeping with the r&b singer for months, was spotted at a football game over the weekend with his longtime love interest, Dhea.

After an image of Wayne and Dhea went viral, Milian took to Twitter to let people know that she “got no time for the fake.” We’re assuming that “the fake” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant is talking about is Wayne. Following that tweet, Milian revealed that she was listening to Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst,” a song with lyrics that include:

“I shoulda never let you in / Cause you got me face down / And don’t take this personal / But you’re the worst / You know what you’ve done to me / And although it hurts I know / I just can’t keep runnin’ away.”

Milian also deleted an image of flowers that the Young Money rapper had delivered to her earlier this month, but something tells us that Weezy could give zero, well, you know.


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