Colin Kaepernick May Have A Baby On The Way

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Ladies around the world, clutch your pearls — Colin Kaepernick may have knocked up a “fitness model”.

Brittany Renner, who is Instagram famous for her #FitThickArmy mantra, had the rumor mill buzzing today when she posted a picture of Colin with the caption, “Pregnant by @kaepernick7”. She immediately deleted it and reposted the pic with a new caption, “Perfection @kaepernick7”.

The buxom “model” has been known to show her appreciation for Kaepernick and is obviously the one spreading rumors that the two are an item, but Colin has never, ever, claimed this chick to be his one and only. So, we’re going to need to see receipts before we believe the 49ers star is going to be a daddy.

She is pretty hot though, right?

Spotted @ Terez Owens

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