Worst Disguise Ever! Iggy Azalea Tries To Go Incognito Amid Sex Tape Scandal

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Whoever Iggy Azalea’s disguise stylist is should be fired.

The rapper, who is currently the face of a sex tape scandal, was spotted at LAX on Tuesday wearing the worst disguise ever. In apparent attempt to hide from sex tape questions, the “Fancy” rapper put on a blonde wig to hide from paparazzi … But it didn’t work.

Paparazzi and travelers caught right on …

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.06.58 AM

In the latest news of sex tape muckraking, the man in the video, identified as Iggy’s ex-boyfriend Houston rapper, Hefe Wine, claims that Azalea signed a legal contract which may have given him the rights to market the steamy tape.

Vivid Entertainment says that the former couple could make A LOT of money if the tape is sold.

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