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Obama Denied Tee Time At Donald Trump’s Golf Course



Bad blood or bad timing?

According to WNBC reports, President Obama was turned down from securing a tee time spot at Trump National Golf Club on labor day weekend. Sources say that the president’s team called Trump’s club just two days before he wanted to play but that they were turned away because of scheduling.

Obama and Donald Trump do not have a good relationship, Trump tried to run against Obama on the republican ticket in the 2008 presidential elections and was also behind the wave of people demanding that the president release his birth certificate documents. While all of this may be true, the club claims that the reason for the rejection was that Labor Day weekend is one of their busiest times of the year and they didn’t want to inconvenience their high-powered and high-paying members by shutting down the club for the president.

We are pretty sure that even though Trump doesn’t like Obama, the rejection was not totally personal because money “trumps” everything in his book. But it must have felt sweet for Trump to turn away the guy that beat his party in the presidential race.

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