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No One Cares About Kim Kardashian’s Nude Pictures



People just aren’t that into nude pictures of Kim Kardashian. That’s one thing the world learned this weekend after a group of hackers released private nude pictures of the reality TV star.

When Jennifer Lawrence’s first batch of nudes hit earlier this month, it nearly broke the Internet. But when Kim’s were leaked this weekend, no one really cared. Kim is arguably one of the most famous women in the world, and really only so because of her looks and body, so the net’s reaction is kind of puzzling.

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According to data complied by UK’s DailyMail, there were over half a million tweets about Jennifer Lawrence’s flicks on the day they leaked, but only a little over 3,000 when Kim’s dropped.

We’re not sure why there’s such a huge discrepancy, but we think it has something to do with that whole sex tape and Playboy spread. Everyone already knows what Kim looks like naked, while Lawrence was a Hollywood darling who pretty much came across pretty conservative in terms of overt sexuality.

That’s our theory, but what do you think?

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