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Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Trust Kanye West …



Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show this week and was more than candid about her life away from the glitz and the glam. In an interview that aired on Tuesday, Kardashian revealed that she doesn’t trust her husband Kanye West … Traveling with their 14-month-old daughter North West that is.

“He is going to a festival that he is in this weekend and it’s his aunt’s wedding and I have something work wise that came up and I might not be able to go. He is traveling with the baby himself, the anxiety. I’m trying to see what family member can go.”

Ellen responded, “You don’t trust him?”

Kim quickly answered, “No, I’m trying to … It’s going to be hard.”

Kardashian might not trust her hubby traveling with Nori, but she does love chatting with the rapper on the phone. The 33-year-old admitted to the television host that although Kanye is constantly on the go, they talk on the phone all the time.

“We can talk about anything and everything. That’s how we stay connected, it works for us. I think when you have two people in a relationship that travel you just have to figure out what works. We make sure that we don’t go too long without seeing each other.”

Kim also gave a full update on what’s going on with her adorable daughter. “She is so sweet and she is so polite. She says please and thank you,” she said. “She says daddy, dada, mama, bye, blows kisses.”

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