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Kid Cudi’s Tweet To Fans After Fainting On Stage



Kid Cudi took to Twitter over the weekend to apologize for scaring his fans.

“If I scared anyone tonight I am so so sorry from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote in a series of tweets.

During the rapper’s show on Saturday night at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, the 30-year-old fainted while signing an autograph. During Kid’s headlining set, he made his way into a photo pit and began interacting with fans. That’s when he all of a sudden passed out.

“Mad love to the security who were there and helped me out tonight. Really awesome dudes! Thanx for nursing me back to health ha,” the rapper wrote.

Scott Mescudi, the rapper’s legal name, blamed his poor eating habits for Saturday’s zonk out.

“Ill do a better and make sure to eat properly on show days 🙂 scouts honor!.”

On Monday, the rapper tweeted that he is in “really good spirits.” We are happy the rapper is feeling better.

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