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Kanye West Responds To Wheelchair Incident In New Rant



Kanye West says the media is demonizing him for telling a wheelchair-bound audience member to get on their feet and dance during his Sydney Yeezus concert this weekend.

During a Monday rant at his concert in Brisbane, Australia, the 37-year-old decided to point his criticism toward the media who he thinks should be covering more important issues like troops dying and police brutality. Kanye stopped his concert, per usual, and stated that he would rather talk directly to his fans from the stage and address what he thought about the whole situation, than put out a press release or tweet.

“They’ve got this thing where the want the masses, people who have never even heard one of my albums to read a headline that reads negative and to think that I am a bad person,” he stated. “I’m a married Christian man.”

“At my concerts I make sure that everybody has as good a time as possible,” he said about media headlines regarding the wheelchair debacle. “Pick a new target.”

Kanye reportedly did however pay more attention to his wheelchair-bound fans this time around. The Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper, reports that while getting fans to rise to their feet he stated, “Everybody who is not in a wheelchair or handicapped will stand up … If you can not prove to me that you are in a wheelchair you need to be standing, if you can it is okay to sit down.”

Take a look at Kanye’s Brisbane rant below:


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