K. Michelle Fires Back: Calls Soulja Boy A “D*ck Sucker”

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It didn’t take K. Michelle long to respond to Soulja Boy’s tweets about her vagina’s aroma. K. just tore into the rapper, blasting him in a series of tweets.

“Listen here you, d*ck sucker . You’ve never met me a day in your life. GO talk to the transgender in Atlanta you been f*cking.” It didn’t stop there, just minutes later she added, “You are obsessed with someone you’ve never met. Sad. Scary. But the whole industry know you like the boy p*ssy.”

“You shot somebody and you tweeting about it. You on Instagram, fake jewelry and fake money. Nope, I’m good on this beef. I ain’t gone do it.”

Yikes. To get the back story on this beef, click here.

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