I’m Kendrick Lamar … AKA … I’m Getting Sued

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Two musicians are suing Kendrick Lamar, claiming that the rapper’s track “Rigamortis” sounds identical to a song they created.

TMZ first broke the story, musicians Eric Reed and Willie Jones III claim that the Compton native ripped off their song, “The Thorn.” In the suit, Reed and Jones claim Lamar took their music and just added his own lyrics. They say Rigamortis isn’t just a small sample of “The Thorn” but that it is pretty much the same, down to the horns and the beat.

The song writers argue that Lamar’s track essentially made him a star. The men are reportedly asking Kendrick for at least a whopping million, plus “Rigamortis'” profits and rights to the song.

Listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think. Same or nah?

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