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#ICanRoll: Waka Flocka Offers $50,000 Salary For Someone To Prepare His Drugs



Apparently, there is a job opening to be Waka Flocka’s salaried blunt roller and way too many candidates.

Instead of going to Linkedin or, the “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” rapper took to Instagram on Monday to announce that he is looking to hire someone to be his professional marijuana roller. Ever since, applications have been flying in faster than you can say “Marijuana is not yet legal in the state of Georgia for recreational use.”

So many people applied to the #ICanRoll job opening on social media that it actually became a trending topic on Twitter, with people sending in photos of their best marijuana preparation skills. But out of all of the candidates, movie star Seth Rogan made a very good impression for the position.

“HIRED #icanROLL #36BRICKHOUSE” Wacka captioned a screen cap of Rogan’s Tweet on his Instagram.

With Seth’s very busy schedule, we are guessing that the position won’t last long and Waka will be looking for a replacement.

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