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Did French Montana’s Ex, Trina Calls Khloe Kardashian A B*tch On New Track?



Trina is feeling some kind of way about love and she is letting it all out in a new song called “F*ck Love.”

On the new track, obtained by TMZ, Trina slams her quasi ex-boyfriend, French Montana and Khloe Kardashian, who recently called it quits on their near 6 month relationship. In the song, Trina calls Khloe a b*tch while calling out the Morocco native for “trying to play” her.

Katrina Laverne Taylor, the rapper’s legal name, never actually says Khloe or French’s name, but sources tell TMZ that the track was inspired by their courtship. “F*ck love, what’s that, you f*ck around then coming back, no time for games, I gotta plane to catch,” she raps. “This n*gga got nerve tryna play me for a bird, I don’t want this sh*t, you can keep that purse, you can keep that whip, you can have that b*tch.”

It was never exactly clear what the status of French and Trina’s relationship was, but Khloe wanted to make it clear that she was no home wrecker. “Khloe’s not trying to steal anyone from anybody,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “And she’s not about to sit up here and have a cat fight with another woman over a man. Not Khloe. Not ever.”

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