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Floyd Mayweather Responds To Being Called Uneducated! His Comment Might Shock You!



Floyd Mayweather’s intelligence and level of education has been attacked by several people in the entertainment industry, including Nelly, Manny Pacquaio and 50 Cent. Most recently, Fiddy fired several shots at the boxing champion, suggesting that the boxer is illiterate … But Mayweather couldn’t care less.

During a recent interview with The Vegas Take on Fox Sports 670, the 37-year-old told host Brian Shapiro that the diggs don’t bother him one bit. “People are entitled to believe what they want to believe. When you get to this level, people are going to take shots at you in every way possible,” he said.

Adding, “If that [being uneducated] is the case, it makes my story that much more interesting.”

During a media conference call Wednesday to promote his upcoming rematch against, Marcos Maidana, Floyd further addressed allegations that he can’t read.

“Reading will not define my place in boxing history,” he said. “Will God not let me in heaven because I didn’t read like a news anchor? Look, I would be perfect at reading if it was how I made my living and fed my family.”

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