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Dr. Dre Changes The Title Of Anticipated ‘Detox’ Album



The wait for Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album has almost hit its decade and a half mark, people have been waiting on its release since 2000. It turns out that the album that we have all been waiting for is not even called “Detox” anymore.

Aftermath producer, Dawaun Parker, recently sat down with the Shot’s Fired! podcast and opened up about Dre changing his mind on the direction of album. “The album he is working on is not called Detox,” Parker stated. “He scrapped Detox a couple of years ago and came up with another title. I won’t say what the title is cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet. He was like ‘We’re going to call it this and we’re gonna put it out this way and this way and this way.’”

Parker also said that although there is not an exact release date for the album, Dre will most likely pull a Beyonce and release it all at once. “I feel like one day he is going to wake up and say, today is the day I am going to put this out,” he says in the interview.

Whether it comes out today or in 2034, we are sure that Dre is going to do what he wants. After all, he is the richest man in hip hop.

Take a look at the interview below:

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