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Chris Rock Remembers Joan Rivers



During the Toronto International Film Festival, Chris Rock took a moment to remember the late great, Joan Rivers.

During a chat with the Hollywood Reporter, the comedian shared his fondest thoughts about Rivers, who died on Thursday of complications following throat surgery. “I know people are like, ‘Joan Rivers broke down all these barriers for women, blah blah blah,'” Rock told the news outlet. “I think it’s a disservice to even group her in any. . . She’s better than [Don] Rickles; she’s one of the best female stand-ups to ever live. No man ever said, ‘Yeah, I want to go on after Joan.’ No, Joan Rivers closed the show every night.”

Rock continued, “She was 81 years old. In the history of comedy, no comedian has ever been that old and still hip. Hey, I love [Bill] Cosby — slowing down a bit. Rickles — slowing down a bit. I know comedians 40 years younger than Joan Rivers that are still telling Reagan jokes and Clinton and all sorts of lame references that they should have thrown out years ago.”

“Joan Rivers never hung on to anything. She’s like, ‘OK, I’m doing Liz Taylor jokes. Oh she’s done? There must be a new fat bitch to make fun of.’ She did not fucking play. She’s like, ‘I got Lindsay Lohan. What’s Justin Bieber doing? She didn’t give a f*ck. She was the hippest comedian from the time she started to the day she died. So don’t put Joan Rivers in a box, because she’s like Mount Rushmore.”

Joan was memorialized on Sunday at the Temple Emanu-El in New York.

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