Tyson Beckford Says Bieber Is Too Little To Handle His Ex

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Watch out folks! Tyson Beckford is taking shots at Justin Bieber!

TMZ cameras caught up with the Beckford outside of 1Oak in West Hollywood and questioned the somewhat tipsy actor on the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Shanina Shaik, was seen in Ibiza on a yacht hanging out with Justin Bieber just weeks ago.


article-2714493-2023DE0800000578-918_634x423 “Actually she didn’t spend too much time with Bieber, she spent a lot of time with me,” the 43-year-old said about his 23-year-old ex.

Tyson started dating the Victoria’s Secret Angel when she was 17-years-old which makes her a lot closer to Bieber in age. Still, Beckford doesn’t think Justin is man enough to handle her, “Little boys can’t have grown man toys,” he said referring to Bieber.

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