Tisha Campbell-Martin Raped At 3-Years-Old

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Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin shocked people this week when she revealed she had been sexually assaulted as a child. Tisha was speaking to a rape victim on The Daily Helpline when she made the revelation.

“You can no longer be a victim. You have to be victorious at this point … he’s winning and you’re allowing him to win. You’re allowing this person to still have dominion over your life,” she told the victim. “The reason why I can absolutely say this to you without judgment or anything else … is because I have to been a victim of the same thing,” she continued.

“When I was three, I was raped by an older person. I knew as a child that I did nothing wrong, that this wasn’t my fault … it’s a heinous crime,” she continued.

Check out the video below.

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