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Stacey Dash Parties With Her #MCM Bill O’Reilly, Responds To Mike Brown Shooting



Stacey Dash spent the night partying with her celebrity crush!

Monday, Stacey celebrated the Emmys at the FOX and FX Emmy Party in Downtown Los Angeles and partied for the first time with none other than the O’Reilly Factor‘s, Bill O’Reilly. Stacey, who has recently secured a position as a paid contributor to the Fox News Team, revealed last month to Access Hollywood Live that her celebrity crush is 64-year-old O’Reilly. “He is [my celebrity crush],” she stated. “[I’m attracted to] the strength, the power, the intelligence, the wit.”

This was the first time that the two have met face-to-face and Stacey took to Twitter to let fans know her excitement:

“IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I MET HIM! Bill and me.@oreillyfactor @FoxNews,” Dash captioned the following picture on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.11.26 AM

But that is not all, she followed by showing a picture of herself talking with O’Reily captioning it:

“Me and Bill debating #Hollywood and the #Emmys. He seems impressed with my argument. @oreillyfactor@FoxNews @fxnetworks

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.12.25 AM

And since Bill O’Reilly has been so vocal about his feelings about the protests and media coverage surrounding the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, we wanted to get Stacey’s thoughts. HipHollywood caught up with Stacey on the carpet before she entered the party and wanted to get her take on the whole situation. “I just think its a tragedy for our nation and I look forward to the facts coming out,” Stacey told HipHollywood cameras.

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