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Shocking Revelation: V. Stiviano Says She Was Donald Sterling’s Beard!



V. Stiviano, the former associate who helped bring down former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling claims that she never slept with Sterling because she was his beard.

In a new lawsuit filed by Stiviano, the fashion designer defends the items gifted to her by Sterling during their “relationship.”

In the documents, obtained by TMZ, V. argues that the items in question “were given to her in exchange for being Donald’s ‘beard'” and claims Donald’s wife, Shelly was “acutely aware of [Donald’s] sexual orientation and condoned same as well as acknowledged and approved [Donald’s] gifts of money [to Stiviano].”

The model’s lawsuit was filed in response to Shelly’s allegations that V, who many believed was the former Clippers owner’s mistress, accepted cars and other material things that he the billionaire didn’t have the right to give.

Per the suit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, V. claims that she was “not ever a sexual partner of Donald T. Sterling” and “believes that [Sterling] is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.”

Per the news outlet, Stiviano is also suing Shelly and Donald for defamation. V. is demanding $10 million or more.

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