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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Ciara!



Ciara took part in a Twitter Q & A with Degree Women on Thursday, and although the new mom remained mum on her recent breakup with Future, she did reveal some things about her life that we never knew. From dancing to passions, here are some things that might come as a surprise.

1. Dream collaboration: “I am still dreaming of collaborating with Queen Janet.”

2. Dance styles she has yet to master: “I would love to do salsa.”

3. One place in the world she would love to visit most: “I would love to go on a Safari in Tanzania”

4. First dance move ever mastered: “The first dance move I ever mastered was some foot work. Good ol’ footwork. My dad taught me how to do it and it was very fun and I just kept going.”

5. How Ciara first got into dancing: “The first time I started dancing I was just a little one, a tiny tiny baby is when I could start walking. I got into it because my dad always loved to dance.”

6. How she finds motivation to get up and work out: “The way I find time to workout with juggling being a mom now is simply setting my schedule to workout and committing to it and not letting anything get in the way.”

7. CiCi’s #1 tip for getting back in shape: “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, set your goal and just commit to it.”

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