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Parks And Recreation Star Retta Gets Somebody Kicked Out Of The Emmys! Find Out Who!



Parks and Recreation star, Retta does not play games.

During the 66th Annual Emmy Awards, Marietta Sirleaf, the star’s legal name, had someone kicked out of the awards show. Don’t worry, not a fellow actor, rather a seat filler who was sitting right next to her.

(FYI, during major awards shows, when celebrities get up from their seats, they are swapped out by a random Joe Schmoe to make the audience look full.)

The actress initially kicked off the night sitting by comedian, actor, Billy Eichner. But the funny man was replaced by a seat filler who turned out to be unpleasant and seemingly intolerable. Retta, who took to Twitter to chronicle the entire interaction with the stranger, eventually couldn’t take any more.

It was very white of me to sic security on him but I’m wearing white & sitting in the 2nd row,” she wrote at the end of a series of tweets.

But check out the nicely laid out timeline from the evening:

“Well look at whoI’m sitting next to … Say hey to aka aka Craig,” Retta started off her series of tweets.

“Seat filler next to me is getting his jam on to the band’s version of Flashlight.”

“This clown next to me tried to tell me I was in the wrong seat (HE IS) and now wants to take a pic with me. .”

“This fool just asked how’d I get on Parks and wants to know if he can get TV work from doing extra work”

“Now this clown ass just asked me 2 FOLLOW HIM ON INSTAGRAM. I’m about to get his ass bounced.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.47.19 PM

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