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Oprah Winfrey’s Role In Richard Pryor Biopic … You’ll Never Guess



Oprah Winfrey confirmed via social media this week that Mike Epps will be playing Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels forthcoming biopic about the late comedian. What the TV mogul failed to mention though were details behind who SHE is playing in the film.

Winfrey is taking on the role of Pryor’s violent grandmother, Marie Carter who beat her grandson while raising him inΒ  a whorehouse in Peoria, Illinois. Richard’s widow, Jennifer Pryor tells TMZ that Oprah was eager to get her hands on the script and that she was anxious to land the role. Jennifer says the 60-year-old wanted to show her “gritty side.”

On Monday, Oprah posted a snapshot of herself alongside Epps and director Lee Daniels during their first read session.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.33.46 AM

As previously reported, the anticipated film has been in the works for years and it looks like the crew is now off and running.

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Katt Williams Is Ready For His Comeback: “My Only Goal Is Getting Better”



Katt Williams is ready for his triumphant return!

After a series of arrests and bizarre incidents in 2016 that seemed to overshadow his public persona, Williams told HipHollywood he’s getting back to work and putting his personal issues behind him.

“Remember none of those things have ever been about work,” he said when asked if he hopes his new projects will overshadow his past missteps. “It’s more about having to deal with situations that are purposely thrown in your direction, and so I’ve been successful in the fact that I’m not nearly as good as I’m going to be,” he explained.

But if you’re thinking the 46-year-old comedian is in denial about his issues, he says absolutely not.

“I’m not one of those people that doesn’t recognize he’s stumbled,” he asserts. “I embrace the stumble because I know I’m going to come back faster than before, so my only goal is getting better at all points.”

And with six projects slated for release including the comedy, Father Figure with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, Williams appears to be back on the right track.

“I’m really in each of these comebacks trying to be a better person than the person that left, and if you liked that person this is just a better version than that because that’s what I’m on.”

You can see Katt dishing more positivity in the exclusive clip below, and be sure to see Father Figures when it hits theaters December 22.

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