Nicki Minaj Breaks Vevo Record With ‘Anaconda’ Video

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Congratulations Nicki Minaj, the rapper has broken a new Vevo record. The music video website tweeted on Friday morning that the Trinidadian rapper officially broke Miley Cyrus’ 24 hour Vevo certified record.

“WE BROKE THE RECORD BABY!!!!! Anaconda Video 19.6 million views in 24 hrs,” Minaj wrote on Instragram.

And it’s safe to say that 37 of those 19.6 million views was Sir Mix-a-Lot. The track, which is the debut single on the rapper’s forthcoming album the Pink Print, is a sample of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic, “Baby Got Back.” The rapper took to Twitter this week to share how much he LOVED Minaj’s visual, writing:

“Ok after watching Anaconda 37times I only have one word to sum up my feelings. DAMNNNNN!!!!!”

Nicki is set to perform the hit track during the MTV VMAs on August 24.

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