Keyshia Coles Likes To Touch Herself…On Camera!

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Keyshia Cole’s marriage to Boobie Gibson might be over, but that’s OK because there are some things the R&B singer would prefer to handle herself *wink, wink*.

When Cole released her latest single “She”, everyone initially thought the song was about Keyshia enjoying some lady-loving. But nope, Keysh has actual gone on the record to say the song is about SELF-loving. Gon’ head, Keyshia!

So, when it came time to depict the steamy, sexy, self-satisfying song on camera, the soulful singer took a pretty unique route. Instead of getting raunchy with herself, Cole spends most of the video seemingly seducing an unidentified suitor. However, by the end of the video it is revealed that Keyshia is mackin’ on Keyshia!

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