Kanye West’s Newest Single, “All Day” Leaked

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Kanye might want to check on who his real friends are because people are leaking his material left and right. Last week, a unseen clip from his unreleased “Robocop” music video was leaked and now a full version of his unreleased, “All Day” song has hit the internet without his consent.

The audio for the two-minute seventeen-second track is low quality and voices can be heard in the background, leading one to believe that someone recorded it from a phone while Ye was playing it for them in the studio. Hopefully Kanye does not take Chris Rock up on his promise to “shoot a bootlegger” for Ye at the end of Yeezy’s “Blame Game” song.

Revolt TV has obtained a copy of the song and has posted a clip of it on their website, take a listen to the track below:

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