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Dwayne Johnson’s Mother And Cousin Hit By Drunk Driver



Dwayne Johnson spoke out via social media about “choice” on Sunday after his mother and cousin were hit by a drunk driver.

My mom & cousin @linafanene were struck head on by a drunk driver this week – they lived. First reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them. But then you realize the most important thing is my family lived thru this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days. Hug your own family tighter today and be grateful you can tell them you love them. #BearHugsAndGratitude #100PercentPreventable #ChoicesMaters,” he wrote, including an image of the car wreck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.32.12 AM

Johnson’s uncle tells TMZ that the women were driving home from a fundraiser their family runs every year when they were struck. (They were driving the Escalade the Rock bought his mother for Christmas 2012.) Both were rushed to a nearby hospital where they were treated for injuries.  The Rock’s mother, Ata was reportedly hospitalized for three nights.

The Rock’s cousin, Lina posted a snapshot on Instagram of the actor visiting her in the hospital.

“We are just a bunch of goof balls,” she wrote.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.36.15 AM

Lina also posted an image of she and Ata heading to the event last week.

“On our way to the USOs Foundation Banquet….but first… Let’s take a selfie!

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