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Dilated Peoples Releases Their First Album In Eight Years



Dilated Peoples is back after an eight-year hiatus and their new album Directors Of Photography shows that, if anything, the break has made them stronger as a group.

“It’s how we see the world, how we see each other,” Evidence explains the title in a press release for the album.  “In film, the Director of Photography is the one who’s selecting the shots, framing it. The same thing with us. We might not be making the beat, but we’re selecting tracks that we want to use, doing the mix, talking with the producer. We’re very much the selectors of everything we do.”

“I think the statement we made this time around is that the three of us are still here standing making quality Hip Hop from our hearts,” DJ Babu comments on their album and the groups longevity. “We never chased trends and we always stayed true to ourselves. Even with the changes in the music industry and the world, we still managed to stay cutting edge and classic and, in many ways, independent. This LP is very full circle for us.”

HipHollywood attended the trio’s album release party at the world-famous Whiskey A Go Go on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip on Tuesday. Take a look at some of the pictures from their concert below:






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