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Barack Obama Celebrates His 53rd Birthday



Happy Birthday Barack Obama. Today, our nation’s President is celebrating his 53rd birthday.

According to reports, Obama spent a relaxing day on the golf course on Saturday before heading out to for a retreat in the Catoctin Mountains. According to the Associated Press, the 53-year-old hit a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland with childhood friends Mike Ramos, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme. The President returned to the White House from his weekend away on Sunday afternoon to prepare for a busy Monday.

Today might be Obama’s big day, but he will be spending most of his birthday in and out of meetings. According to reports, Obama will sit down with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to discuss our nation’s economy.

As for gifts, what exactly do you give a man who has everything? In honor of the Obama’s birthday, The Washington Post has broken down and reviewed every one of the 274 gifts given to the president between 2009 and 2012 by foreign countries and their leaders.

The Best Five:

1. A five-inch Aztec calendar in silver, given by Mexico in 2012.
Mexico is very good at giving gifts, as it turns out. Why did this particular gift earn top marks? Because: 1. Aztec calendars are cool. 2. A five-inch silver piece is not chintzy. 3. They gave this in 2012, when the world was at peak end-of-the-world mania. This gift was on-trend. Nicely done, Mexico.

2. A Maori club, given by New Zealand in 2011.
The full description: “11.5″ x 4″ traditional Maori weapon with a short broad-bladed club, made of the sacred greenstone.” Which sounds cool. Now, go look at it. We rest our case.

3. A ping-pong table, given by the UK in 2012.
The United Kingdom’s gifts were a bit scattered, but the ping-pong table is a winner. You can see it here, as part of an article complaining that it was made in China. The Obamas didn’t set the thing up in the White House, it seems, but it should have. The White House could use a more chill vibe.


4. Four bottles of tequila and a silver ark in a trunk, from Mexico in 2009.
Four bottles of tequila. That is a good gift. If you’re curious what happened to the booze, the State Department offers a hint: “Perishable Items Handled Pursuant to U.S. Secret Service Policy.” Presumably meaning like this.

5. A stainless steel watch, a brooch, and a ceramic dog bowl from the Czech Republic in 2009.
The Czech Republic got a gift for Bo. It wasn’t the only country to do so, but that is adorable.

For more on the 274 gifts, click here.

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1 Comment

  1. Robert Bruner

    August 4, 2014 at 10:58 AM

    I think I just threw up in my mouth. 🙁

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Finally! Taraji P. Henson Confirms Relationship With NFL Baller Kelvin Hayden



Taraji is finally letting the world know what it already knew – she’s in a relationship with NFL cornerback Kelvin Hayden. Henson dished the (cold) tea while on Essence’s Yes, Girl! podcast saying that the reason she kept it a secret was because she’s a private person.

“I’m not the type to blast my personal business. But, you know, I think that’s important for people to know. I’m happy. I’m very very happy. I just am,” the “Empire” actress shared.

Rumors first circulated in December 2015 about Henson and 34-year-old Hayden, who played for the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts, after photos surfaced of the pair holding hands in Miami. Though Hayden has appeared on her Instagram feed, the Golden Globe winner never confirmed the intimate details until now.

“You know, we’ve been together for two years. No one would really know that because I don’t really blast my info like that. But I’m very happy,” she said.

Taraji girl we could tell. The Hidden Figures actress even broke out singing, “Finally! It has happened to me,”—quoting the CeCe Peniston‘s song “Finally.”

Henson also revealed the couple will be celebrating the holidays together with the new puppy Hayden gifted her with as an early Christmas present.

“Big #KBall with Lil squirt #KBall watching daddy brush his teeth! 😩😂😂😂,” she wrote, teasing a photo of her boo and new pup.

And speaking of Christmas, in case you missed it Taraji hosted her “White Hot Holidays” special on Fox Wednesday night. Peep the clips of Henson having some fun with her celebrity guests including Method Man, DJ Khaled, Neicy Nash, Salt-N-Pepa and The Ying Yang Twins.

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