Ariana Grande Dishes On Her Love Life … Sort Of

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Ariana Grande stopped by NBC’s Today on Friday morning and slightly opened up about her love life … Key word “slightly.”

During the singer’s chat with Today’s host, Matt Lauer, the star did all she can to deflect questions regarding her personal relationships. It’s been rumored that the she and rapper Big Sean are Hollywood’s new it couple , so leave it to Lauer to get to the bottom of it. But …  it was literally like pulling teeth.

When asked if anyone has captured her attention in Hollywood, the 21-year-old responded by asking Matt, “Oh my goodness, has anybody captured your attention.?

“Yeah, I’ve been married for 15 years!” he replied.

“Same!” Grande quipped. “I just haven’t told anybody!”

She added, “Oh, my goodness, y’all are putting me on the spot.” That’s when she finally revealed, “I’m happy.”

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