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50 Cent Claps Back At Floyd Mayweather’s Checks



Floyd Mayweather should known posting a picture of two checks wouldn’t keep 50 Cent at bay, even if those checks were for over a $74 million combined. 50 has been poking fun at Floyd all week, challenging the boxer to read a page from Harry Potter or Cat in the Hat and promising to donate $750,000 if Floyd could complete the task.

“I guess you want people to see your math is better then your reading. Get an account Floyd. The people around you are using you. If you mad at me, call me or come see me,” he captioned the video.

As for Floyd’s checks, 50 says the images “must be for a blogger” because he has money too. “N*gga, you know I got money. You know I got money, n*gga,” the New York rapper says with his serious face in the video. And 50 is right. His net worth is estimated at around $270 million.

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