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Watch President Obama React To Being Offered Weed In Denver



They say “When in Rome” but that doesn’t always apply when you are the President of the United States visiting Denver, a state that just legalized recreational marihuana.

On Tuesday the POTUS visited the “Mile-High City” and in an attempt to connect with voters spending the night being just an “ordinary guy” with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. During one of his visits to a local bar, an excited patron offered him a some weed but the President played cool, laughed, and shrugged it off.

The whole transaction was recorded in an Instagram video that was uploaded to the social media site with the caption,

“Asked him if he wanted a hit of pot…he laughed! #legalizeit #iinhaled #mrGQ”

He may have turned it down but Obama is no stranger to weed. In his autobiographical book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance he admits to having smoked his fair share of the sticky icky as a teenager growing up in Hawaii. He has since spoken out against those actions saying that they were “bad choices.”

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