Tia Mowry: Charlize Theron Is “Mean”

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Tia Mowry is no fan of Charlize Theron, but only because Charlize Theron is no fan Tia Mowry. The Sister, Sister star learned that lesson at a SoulCycle class after Theron dismissed her presence.

Tia says she approached the A-list actress and was blown off. “She wasn’t very nice to me,” Tia dished to InTouch. “I said ‘Hi,’ and she actually rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh my God.'”

“I wasn’t over-the-top. I know how to approach another celebrity,” she adds. “Charlize was just mean. I’m just being honest.”

Now, now Charlize. That’s no way to behave with towards a fellow celebrity. But we guess there is the chance you had no idea who Tia was, which if the case, completely justifies your behavior.

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