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Ray J Regrets F*cking Kim Kardashian On Camera, Poppin Pills & Cheating



Ray J is full of regrets and he is letting it all out in his new song, “Never Shoulda Did That.”

In the new track, the singer lists off all the things that he regrets when it comes to women, but the biggest thing that sticks out is his regret of “f***ing b*tches on camera, shouldn’t a did that s***,” speaking of Kim Kardashian of course.

In 2007, a sex tape between the former lovebirds surfaced and quickly became one of the biggest celebrity sex tapes ever. The video, although Ray J now wishes he can take it back, infamously made Kim famous and is still bringing in major dollars.

Other things Ray J regrets: 1. “Got drunk in the club and f*cked a b*tch, you found her in the house on the couch butt naked,” 2. “I cursed out my friends,” 3.  “Poppin all of these pills,” 4. “Lying to a girl,” 5. “Fighting in the club,” 6. “Drinking all these mollys,” 7. “Getting high in Vegas,” 8. “Call the radio station,” 9. “F*ck a hoe no condom/Now this b*tch is about to have my kid.”

Last week, the Los Angeles County District Attorney charged the signer with 10 crimes, including sexual battery in connection with his May arrest when he became unruly at a bar at the Beverly Wilshire.

During a recent exclusive chat with the Ray earlier this month, the singer revealed that he has made a lot of mistakes and he is still learning. “We all make mistakes and we all grow from them and hopefully when you make a mistake, you learn and it helps you grow as a person.”

Now that we know all of Ray’s dark secrets … Sound off: Did Ray J reveal too much?

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