“Poverty-Stricken” Ludacris Sells His L.A. Condo

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Ludacris just unloaded his Los Angeles condo for a home in the Hollywood Hills.

TMZ has gotten ahold of pictures of the 2 bed, 2 bath property that the “Area Codes” rapper bought back in 2002 for $669,000 and recently sold for $830,000. With $161,000 of additional money from profits in his pocket, and new money coming in as an expert panelist on the new ABC show Rising Star, Luda dropped $4.8 million on a luxurious mansion.

The Georgia native also currently owns a $2.8 million property in his hometown of Atlanta, meaning he currently owns over $7 million in real estate.

HIP HOP HOUSES - Ludacris lives in this massive multimillion dollar estate in Atlanta

An aerial image of Ludacris’ Atlanta mansion.

This is all a little ironic seeing as the Ludacris pleaded poverty to avoid paying $35,000 in court fees to his alleged baby mother during a child support case earlier this year.

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