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Kevin Garnett’s Brown Thumb Lands Him In Legal Battle!



It looks like Kevin Garnett’s green thumb brown thumb is the catalyst behind a new lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the NBA player is being sued for illegal renovation and for refusing to trim the greenery around his $9.5 million Malibu pad. Per the suit, the man living right next door to the Garnett’s is claiming that the baller never received the correct permits to move forward with a construction project that started in 2013.

The neighbor claims that the Brooklyn Nets star lied to the city of Malibu claiming that the project was a “simple interior remodeling job,” but apparently was not the case. So what’s the bigger issue? The project is blocking the neighbors view of the pacific.

The neighbor is also claiming that Garnett will not cut back, “prune and lace trees and foliage.” Apparently, he has approached Kevin and his wife several times, but they “scoffed” at the requests to clean up the shrubbery. Now, the nearby-resident is suing for damages and moreover, requesting that he can get his view back.

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