K. Michelle Posts Ridiculous Butt Picture

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Love & Hip Hop New York reality TV star K. Michelle posted this picture on Instagram last night and we’re forever grateful. The singer captioned the image of her ridiculous donk with a lyric from Jay Z’s Blueprint song, “Momma Loves Me.”

“Unless you was me, how could you judge me? I was brought up in pain, y’all can’t touch me.”

Well, we’re sure for a lot of men, that’s unfortunate. Earlier this month, Michelle went off after followers questioned whether her butt is real.

“I post the pictures and all the ugly chicks hate. We get it. You think my ass is fake, you think looking like Spongebob is better. Understand this, your man loves it. My DMs will hurt your feelings. Now carry on miserable. Go to sleep ugly and wake up ugly. Salute to my real chicks. I love ya’ll support.”

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