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It’s Over: Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez Call It Quits!



One of the most dysfunctional relationships in the history of reality TV has come to an end, at least that’s what Stevie J is saying on July 2, 2014. The music producer took to Twitter to let the world know that his turbulent relationship with the fiery and controversial Joseline Hernandez is over.

When asked by a Twitter follower where his Puerto Rican princess was, Stevie quipped: “I don’t have one of those.” He also added that one of his worst habits was loving the ones who hurt him, but revealed he would never “trust a woman again.”

“No matter what you are going through be strong,” he later wrote. 

His former boo’s response to the tweets was simple: “Laughing n sh*t.” No word on what caused the split, but it appears Joseline gives zero ***** about it, and that’s probably because they’ll be back to snacking at Taco Bell together before the weekend is over. 

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