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Flava Flav Caught With Over 100 Pounds Of Illegal Fireworks



Flava Flav set his Fourth of July weekend of with a bang and the police weren’t having it.

The 55-year-old Public Enemy hype man’s Fourth of July festivities were cut short Friday night when the Las Vegas Metro Police hit him with two citations for having over 100 pounds of fireworks.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, police showed up at outside of Flava Flav’s house after being contacted by his neighbors who said that he had ignited “three or four pallets of fireworks stacked four feet high” in their neighborhood. Over 100 pounds of fireworks were confiscated and he was slapped with two citations.

This is not first time Flav has had a run in with the law over fireworks. In 2013, his Fourth of July party was shut down before it even started because police found out that he had obtained over $8,000 dollars worth of fireworks.

Two years in a row is not a good look for Flava Flav, lets hope that he learns his lesson before he gets in some serious trouble.



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