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Exclusive: Mark Ballas Strips Down For Acoustic Performance Of Debut Single “Get My Name”



Mark Ballas has been targeted as a triple threat in Hollywood … Easy on the eyes, incredible dancer and prodigious singer.

The 28-year-old, may be known for his dancing expertise on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but it’s music that was the star’s first passion. The dancer recently dropped his debut single “Get My Name,” produced by Timbaland’s protege Wizz Dumb. The mid-tempo track, which is the perfect summertime anthem, quickly moved to 24 on the iTunes charts the evening of its release.

Ballas, who has been compared to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, stopped by the HipHollywood loft for a stripped down, acoustic performance of the hit single, which he says is about a guy who is not looking to meet a girl. “He’s not looking to settle down, he’s not looking for anything. Then that lady walks into his life that makes him doubt that,” the singer told us.

“Within three hours we had the whole song done,” Mark explained. “That’s how we picked it as the first lead off single. We felt like it was a true representation of the sound, the feel, it’s light hearted, it’s fun, it makes you want to move, it’s contagious, it’s catchy and it happened so organically.”

The singer, who was accompanied by musician Dylan Chambers, rocked out to the song while strumming his guitar, which the star tells us he started playing at the tender age of 9-years-old. “[My dad] was a flamenco guitar player and that’s how I started,” he said.

The track’s video, which  debuted on MTV Hits, MTVu. and in the number 1 spot, was directed by DWTS colleague, Derek Hough. “We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years … He has a great eye, he always is very hands on with how he directs his dances on the show. I wanted someone who would be hands on that would move and keep the process moving. He did a great job,” Ballas revealed.

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