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Drake: It’ll Be Awkward If I Ever Meet Skylar Diggins



When it comes to WNBA star, Skylar Diggins, Drake is one thirsty dude. Diggins has a boyfriend, but that hasn’t stopped Drake from posting pictures of her on his Instagram and doing thirsty things like rocking her jersey in hopes of landing her attention. The athlete’s boyfriend, Notre Dame football player Daniel Smith, even called Drake out on, posting a picture of he and his lady booed up, tagging the rapper in it.

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With Drake set to host the ESPYs later this year, he was asked about his infatuation with Diggins and if that might be weird once he sees her.

“I’ve never met Skylar, but I’m sure it’ll be extremely awkward if she does show up,” the rapper said during a conference call with the press on Friday. “She probably won’t though … her boyfriend will probably have her tied down to a chair that night.” We hope so with how thirsty you are.

Drake also touched on what ESPN viewers can expect from him. “I’m actually excited to say that I definitely have incorporated impressions in my performance and that they’re something I take pride in and study for. I love finding and getting into character,” he shared, but stopped short of revealing who he’ll be impersonating.

We guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.


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