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Dennis Rodman Named In Police Report! Did He Drug A 22-Year-Old Woman?



HipHollywood has learned that Dennis Rodman might be the center of a new police investigation.

The Ft. Lauderdale Police Department tells HipHollywood that 22-year-old Angela Torre filed a police report on July 7th claiming that she was drugged during an afternoon spent drinking with the 53-year-old New Jersey native.

According to Torre, she met Rodman and a friend at the Ocean Manor Resort Hotel on Tuesday, July 1. In the police report, obtained by TMZ, Torre states that she ended up in a hotel room where she blacked out after having “one drink and a shot.” Per the report, the next thing Angela remembers is waking up at a nearby hospital.

Torre told officials that she didn’t receive her medical tests because when she woke up at the hospital, she left before officially being discharged. The 22-year-old claimed she had had a bruise on her chest and a bump on her head when she left the medical center.

The police report states that “Torre believes she was given drugs by an unknown person without her knowledge, but does not recall.”

Officials tell HipHollywood that Rodman was the only name listed on the report, but was not listed as a suspect. Nobody was taken into custody.

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